Bounce is a data capture and reporting tool for pastoral data which can be used for evidencing performance and improvement in your school.

Engage with Bounce

  • Bespoke school images for EACH school set up breeds student familiarity
  • Rewards/Badges on offer for completing surveys and tasks
  • Benchmark against friends achievements
  • Parent Portal to drive parental engagement
  • To Do lists allow staff to allocate tasks such as homework
phone view for students
laptop admin dashboard

Capture with Bounce

  • Accessible on multiple browsers and devices
  • Rewards/Badges on offer for completing surveys and tasks
  • Parent surveys to drive parental engagement
  • To Do lists allow staff to allocate tasks such as homework and reading lists etc.

Report with Bounce

  • INSTANT access to reports for staff and senior leadership team
  • Graphical representations highlight key issues immediately
  • Reports can be "sliced and diced" by class/user group, gender, individual user
  • Reports can be downloaded in several formats for further analysis/use
  • Survey management feature allows easy understanding of who has enrolled and completed surveys
  • Report on key groups such as Pupil Premium
reports across devices

Evidence with Bounce

  • Benchmark against previous survey results to show impacts of intervention
  • Compare multiple classes/user groups to understand the impact of different intervention strategies
  • Benchmark against other schools using Bounce with the Organisation Comparison feature
  • Bounce helps schools understand and evidence how they can “optimise value for money” e.g. pupil premium; sports premium
  • The data captured in Bounce can be used in parallel with other data captured by the school e.g in understanding poor attendance by students
  • Use of data for regression analysis (i.e. does A predict B? e.g. Is screen time related to mental health (wellbeing))
  • Analyse data across LA’s, MAT’s, schools, year group, class and individual level.
Children’s overall level of wellbeing impacts on their behaviour and engagement in school and their ability to acquire academic competence in the first place
Exercise boosts grey matter in 9 brain areas including regions important for cognition, executive function and academic achievement
The culture, ethos and environment of a school influences the health and wellbeing of pupils and their readiness to learn
Promoting physical and mental health in schools creates a virtuous circle reinforcing children’s attainment and achievement that in turn improves their wellbeing, enabling children to thrive and achieve their full potential
There is evidence to show that PSHE education can address teenage pregnancy, substance misuse, unhealthy eating, lack of physical activity, and emotional health
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