How Bounce is being used in schools.

E Safety
Stress and Behaviour Safety
Mental Health and Self Esteem
Wellbeing / Happiness / Quality of Life
Physical Activity and enjoyment
Parental Voice
Student Voice
Attitude and motivation to reading


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Academy School
Linden Road Academy is a successful, thriving and happy school. It is a school with a strong, rich community of students, parents and teachers brought together by a shared determination to achieve outstanding status and becoming an exceptional school. At the heart of this drive for excellence is their belief that every child is an individual who can grow and excel; inclusion and equality are the heartwood of all they do.
"Bounce is already providing us with increased evidence to support our self-evaluation that we are good and moving to outstanding. Especially with regards evaluating our new curriculum and pupils’ perceptions of teaching and learning. Its all about additional evidence."

"What I like is the flexibility, you can design activities in response to emerging needs very quickly and get immediate results. I’ve been surprised at all the different ways you can use Bounce."

Deputy Head
"It’s good that teachers are asking us what we think about our lessons and then making changes to our lessons."

Year 6
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International School
Wellington school provides inclusive education through effective teaching, and the use of technologies, to develop lifelong, independent learning. It's students are creative and inquiring, and encouraged to develop individual responsibility and self-management. Student-teacher relationships are mutually respectful and discipline is firm, friendly and fair.
If I was feeling upset or worried I could easily find someone at school to talk to?

I think that children my age worry about their weight

Over 50% answered “STRONGLY AGREE/AGREE"
Have you ever been electronically bullied?

Only 33% said "NO"
Have you ever bullied someone else?

33% answered “YES”
I feel worried about things most days

50% answered “AGREE”
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