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Stirling Children's Wellbeing Scale

In this survey, statements or descriptions about how you might have been feeling or thinking in the last couple of weeks are shown. For each statement, please put a tick in the box underneath the answer which best describes your thoughts or feelings. There are no right or wrong answers!

Q I think good things will happen in my life
Q I have always told the truth
Q I've been able to make choices easily
Q I can find lots of fun things to do
Q I feel that I am good at some things
Q I think lots of people care about me
Q I like everyone that I have met
Q I think there are many things I can be proud of
Q I've been feeling calm
Q I've been in a good mood
Q I enjoy what each new day brings
Q I've been getting on well with people
Q I always share my sweets
Q I've been feeling cheerful about things
Q I've been feeling relaxed
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Workplace Wellbeing Snapshot Survey

The What Works Centre for Wellbeing has developed this suggested set of questions in collaboration with The Department for Work and Pensions to give a quick snapshot of how people are doing with respect to different aspects of wellbeing.

Q Overall, how satisfied are you with your life nowadays?
Q Overall, to what extent do you feel that the things you do in your life are worthwhile?
Q Overall, how happy did you feel yesterday?
Q Overall, how anxious did you feel yesterday?
Q How dissatisfied or satisfied are you with your present job overall?
Q I would recommend my organisation as a great place to work
Q How would you rate your overall physical health now?
Q How would you rate your overall mental health now?
Q I feel safe from threats and physical hazards in my current work environment
Q I am satisfied with my current physical working environment
Q Your manager helps and supports you
Q Your colleagues help and support you
Q Your job gives you the feeling of work well done
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Wellbeing during lockdown 3.0 - You and your Child

This is a bespoke survey derived by BounceTogether. If you have more than one child, please answer the following questions about one of your children.

Q My child is struggling with the amount of work being set
Q My child is coping well working in the 'home learning' environment
Q My child is feeling stressed/anxious at home
Q My child knows where to get wellbeing support
Q My child knows how to stay safe online
Q I’m feeling stressed/anxious about helping my child to learn at home
Q I feel I have a better balance in managing my workload and my child’s home schooling this time around
Q I know where to get support to help my child learn at home (e.g. online resources)
Q I know where to access wellbeing support (e.g. online mental health resources)
Q Which of the following has been helpful for your child's mental health during the COVID-19 crisis
Q What are your top on-going concerns for your child:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BounceTogether?

BounceTogether is an online survey tool, designed for a schools that makes it simple to monitor and measure wellbeing and mental health of pupils and staff.

Is there a setup fee?

No! There are no fees attached and you will be able to run your survey completely free of charge.

Do I need to enter payment details?

No! Participation in the survey is absolutely free and you won't be charged anything.

Is there any setup?

There is no setup for your school and BounceTogether, will send everything you need to you to complete the survey and see the results.

How do I get the results?

Our team will share the results with you once your audience have completed the survey. You will be given a report that shows you the overall picture!

How do my pupils/staff/parents complete the survey?

You will be emailed a link that can be shared with your audience. It's really easy to complete it and can be done from home, using a smart device or tablet if they prefer!

What about the data?

The responses from the survey are 100% anonymous and no personal data is captured.

We securely host the data on our platform until the survey is completed. You can learn more about our GDPR compliance here.

How can I take part?

It's really easy. Simply complete your details above and we'll be in touch with the next steps.

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