Short screening questionnaire of bullying

Bullying and e-safety
Short screening questionnaire of bullying

Being bullied by peers is the most frequent form of abuse encountered by children, much higher than abuse by parents or other adult perpetrators. The Short screening questionnaire allows the classification of four roles for both direct (physical) and relational bullying: (1) ‘pure bully’ (perpetrator of aggressive acts only), (2) ‘pure victim’ (receiver of aggressive acts), (3) ‘bully/victim’ (both perpetrator and receiver), and (4) ‘not involved’ roles (non-involvement in bullying or victimisation). Bullying occurs in settings where individuals do not have a say concerning the group they want to be in. This is the situation for children in school classrooms or at home with siblings, and has been compared to being ‘caged’ with others. In an effort to establish a social network or hierarchy, bullies will try to exert their power with all children. Those who have an emotional reaction (eg, cry, run away, are upset) and have nobody or few to stand up for them, are the repeated targets of bullies. Bullies may get others to join in (laugh, tease, hit, spread rumours) as bystanders or even as henchmen (bully/ victims). It has been shown that conditions that foster higher density and greater hierarchies in classrooms increase bullying and the stability of bullying victimisation over time.

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Direct victimisation
Relational victimisation
Cyber victimisation
Bullying Perpetration
Direct bullying
Relational bullying
Cyber bullying
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Dieter Wolke

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Short screening questionnaire of bullying

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