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August 8, 2023
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Measuring wellbeing: Views of a Wellbeing Lead

Ludworth Primary School’s Wellbeing Lead tells us how BounceTogether is helping to improve wellbeing.

Stockport’s Ludworth Primary has been a BounceTogether school since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. We caught up with their KS2 Lead and Wellbeing & PSHE Coordinator, Elisha Thomas, to understand the impact that BounceTogether has had on their community so far. 

As a school that was already focussed on wellbeing Ludworth Primary School was tuned-in to the health and happiness of their community. But, as with many schools, they lacked the tools to monitor their progress effectively and to ensure the interventions they had put in place were having the impact they needed. 

“We know this is one of our strengths of identifying children who are struggling with social and emotional needs, and putting in interventions for them, but what we’ve never been able to do... is measure the impact.” 

Talking of their Forest School, Elisha described the ability to measure its impact and therefore have informed conversations with Governors and Headteachers about progress and budgets as “the holy grail”

Elisha goes on to encourage anyone who is thinking of measuring wellbeing in their school to take the plunge: 

“We know there’s a lot of money invested in interventions across different schools...but being able to measure it means that you’re able to prove that it works and that’s something that’s been really hard to do in the past, but we now have a tool to prove that it’s working. 

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