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BounceTogether was founded with a simple aim - to put wellbeing at the heart of education.
Launched in 2019, Bounce Together provides schools with a game-changing survey platform for measuring and monitoring physical and mental wellbeing and the attitudes of pupils, staff, and parents. Our platform is designed not only to collect wellbeing data but to make a difference for every individual.
The idea arose during a fateful project with Liverpool John Moores University, who were conducting a paper-based survey on student’s physical activity traits in over 90,000 students.
The first version of BounceTogether’s software was quickly born and has been developing and growing alongside the needs of education settings ever since.
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BounceTogether partners with
award-winning author and teacher Adrian Bethune from Teachappy, and the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health to launch Well Together, the complete wellbeing solution for schools.
Our team continue to add new features and functionality to help drive better wellbeing outcomes for the education community.
Despite being at the beginning of our journey as a collective, the BounceTogether team are well established, with proven expertise in the field of wellbeing in education.
The University faced huge challenges with collating complex data as well as the logistics of processing such large numbers of surveys.
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In 2020 Bounce Together were
short-listed for a Teach Primary and Teach Secondary Award.
To date, Bounce Together have powered hundreds of thousands of surveys and worked with over 250 UK schools including state primary, secondary, all-through, special and independent.
Bounce is a great tool in being able to diagnose strengths and weaknesses across a whole wealth of areas. Once a quick, easy and user-friendly survey has been completed by either the pupil or staff member, you can then immediately see the results and set up an action that same day.
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We wanted to track the un-trackable and measure the non-academic factors which influence our pupil’s learning. Before working with BounceTogether, we felt we were only telling ½ a story without context or understanding of the environment our pupils are living in. BounceTogether has enabled us to see the whole, holistic picture.
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The KS2 survey has been instrumental in helping us identify children for our 'Time To Talk' therapy. More importantly, some of the children the report highlighted we would not have picked up on, had it not been for the survey
BounceTogether is an affordable, intuitive and easy to use platform for measuring and tracking wellbeing. If you’re using paper surveys or free generators, stop! Let Bounce take the stress out of measuring wellbeing and it will become a process that is meaningful and saves a huge amount of staff time .
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I'd highly recommend BounceTogether to other schools as it's useful, effective, affordable and intuitive. If you really care about the wellbeing of your school community you need to 'measure what you treasure'. Bounce allows you to do that with ease!
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