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"The beauty of the surveys is that you are capturing those children who internalise. They are your future self-harmers, future bulimics, or anorexics. We are giving them a voice. You pick every one up."
Head of Pastoral
Primary School
"With the data, I could confidently talk about what we were doing in school, why we were doing it, and evidence its impact. It put me, our Governors, and SLT in control."
Head of Wellbeing
Secondary School
"The results we gleaned will scaffold and inform our strategy going forward, and significantly contribute to the development of our School's Wellbeing Policy, in a very real and meaningful way"
Primary School

Frequently asked Questions

  • Why is measuring wellbeing in schools important?
    Measuring wellbeing in schools is crucial for understanding the overall health and happiness of students and staff.  Research into the relationship between mental health, education, and life outcomes is constantly evolving but, it is widely accepted that by promoting more positive wellbeing, we can drive whole-school improvements in attainment, behaviour, attendance, self-esteem and much more.
  • Why use research-based surveys in schools?
    Research-based surveys are designed by experts in psychology, education, and related fields to gather quantitative data on various aspects of wellbeing. They are developed through rigorous scientific research and validation processes that ensure they are reliable, age-appropriate, and relevant for children in today's classroom. Using research-based surveys can save you a huge amount of time as there is no need to create custom questions. The surveys also often come with comprehensive scoring systems, allowing for easy benchmarking, progress monitoring, and comparing results to similar settings.
  • How can surveys help to measure wellbeing?
    Surveys and questionnaires provide a systematic way to assess different dimensions of wellbeing, such as life satisfaction, resilience, belonging, anxiety, ad more. By collecting responses from students, teachers, and parents, schools can obtain insights into the factors influencing wellbeing within their community.
  • What types of surveys and questionnaires are commonly used to measure wellbeing in schools?
    There are various surveys and questionnaires tailored to measure different aspects of wellbeing. Examples include the Stirling Children's Wellbeing Scale (SCWBS) for assessing general wellbeing, the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) for evaluating stress levels, or the Student Subjective Wellbeing Questionnaire (SSWQ) for measuring belonging and relationships. By answering the 9 simple quesions on this page, we can help you select thr right survey(s) for your school.