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How BounceTogether can help you get ahead with whole school wellbeing

Whether you are already measuring wellbeing in school or looking to get started, we are confident our platform can make a difference! Join us for an informative, FREE webinar and find out why hundreds of like-minded schools are choosing to work with BounceTogether.
Wednesday 22nd November
15:45 to 16:30

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Pre-recorded Webinars

From Data to Action - Reporting on staff and pupil wellbeing!

To create a healthier, happier school community, you need to turn survey data into meaningful insights and action plans, and report on your progress over time. In this webinar, we'll take a deep dive into producing reports on staff and pupil wellbeing, so you can demonstrate the impact of your efforts and make informed decisions going forward

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Managing school transition from a social emotional perspective

This informative, CPD certificated webinar brings together two experts in a discussion of practical strategies and ideas to help you support children through change and transition.

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Measuring What Matters - The most popular wellbeing surveys for schools

In this informative webinar, we'll share our expertise on the most popular wellbeing surveys for schools, so whether you are a BounceTogether customer or not, you can choose the right surveys for your school and start measuring the wellbeing needs of your community.

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Navigating the Digital World - Online Safety for Today's Schools!

The following webinar with Online Safety UK, explores how we can provide pupils with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the digital world responsibly as technology becomes increasingly integral to education.

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Preparing for Ofsted

This informative webinar will offer school leaders, curriculum leads, subject leaders, and teachers guidance around best practices, strategies and resources to support Ofsted deep dives into SEMH provision.

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Reading for Pleasure, Wellbeing and Academic Success

Reading is an undoubtedly important skill for children of all ages! But how do you make sure all children enjoy reading in school and develop a lifelong love of books?

This webinar brings together three experts to explore strategies and ideas that can help you improve reading attitudes in your school.

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Reshaping The Curriculum

There has never been a more important time for schools to focus on the wellbeing of staff and pupils. But knowing where to start when it comes to promoting and measuring wellbeing in schools can feel daunting.

This free webinar brings together three experts who share practical, low-cost ideas for making wellbeing a priority in your school.

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Supporting children with test anxiety

This informative webinar, hosted by Professor Dave Putwain, provides an insight into test anxiety, exploring how schools can identify students experiencing high levels of anxiety around exams and offer them tailored and effective support.

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The KHDA Wellbeing Census - What to do next?

2021 marked the final year of the Dubai’s Wellbeing Census leaving school community ready for the next part of their wellbeing journey!

In this webinar, Wellbeing Lead at Dubai English Speaking School, Sarah Curran will explains how DESS are using Bounce Together to delve deeper into the social, and emotional learning needs and challenges of their students and plan data-informed strategies

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Turning Pages, Turning Minds: The Positive Impact of Reading on Wellbeing!

How can how can we harness the power of reading, change attitudes, and in turn have an impact on children’s mental wellbeing?

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Using surveys to measure the impact of SEMH interventions and PSHE provision!

At BounceTogether, we believe that measuring the impact of PSHE provision and SMEH interventions is critical to creating a healthier, happier school community. In this webinar, we'll share expertise on how to use surveys to measure the impact of these important initiatives, so you can make informed decisions and demonstrate the effectiveness of your efforts.

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Your Autumn Term Wellbeing Plan

This informative webinar will discuss practical strategies and solutions to help you capture powerful insights and implement a whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing that is specific to the needs of your setting.

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Whether you are already measuring wellbeing in school or looking to get started, we are confident our platform can make a difference! Join our next group webinar to find out why hundreds of likeminded schools are choosing to work with BounceTogether:

Having BounceTogether working with existing systems allowed data collection to be reduced by almost 90%, allowing us to be more pupil focused.

If you’re using paper surveys or free generators, stop! Let Bounce take the stress out of measuring wellbeing and it will become a process that is meaningful and saves a huge amount of staff time.

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