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Develop a consistent approach and drive trust-wide improvements in staff and pupil wellbeing.
A comparison report of wellbeing results.
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Choose from the largest collection of reserach-based wellbeing surveys or create your own bespoke trust survey to capture data aligned with your specific needs and objectives. With BounceTogether, you can easily collect valuable insights that inform strategic decisions and support the overall wellbeing of your MAT.


Benefit from seamless integration with your existing school systems to access real-time and accurate demographic data. Observe wellbeing trends over time and gain valuable insights into how your school communities are progressing and responding to interventions.

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Access presentation-ready reports for each school within your trust and analyse wellbeing data collectively across your MAT. BounceTogether streamlines the reporting process, making it effortless to share key findings with school leadership, trustees, and relevant stakeholders. Our platform provides clear visualisations and actionable insights that support evidence-based decision-making.

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Around 75% of mental health problems in adult life begin before the age of 18. Schools play critical roles in a young people's lives, and addressing mental health and wellbeing during this period can have a significant impact on their overall health and success.

Mockup of the BounceTogether results portal showing a individual pupil report and Bounce alerting a school to their results to support their safeguarding strategy.
Targeted, localised support

With detailed analysis and reports, BounceTogether enables MATs to identify schools that may require additional support. Uncover hidden patterns and trends to proactively address the needs of specific schools or the entire trust, fostering a proactive approach to student and staff wellbeing.

A comparison report of wellbeing results.
Data-driven decision making

We believe in the power of data-driven decision-making. BounceTogether equips MATs with powerful reporting tools, enabling evidence-based practices that promote the overall wellbeing of the entire trust community. Align resources and initiatives with identified trends to maximise impact.

Develop a consistent approach

Develop a unified and consistent approach to measuring and enhancing wellbeing across all schools. Our user-friendly platform allows for centralised management of wellbeing initiatives, surveys, and data, ensuring a cohesive and supportive environment for students, staff, and parents.

Powerful reporting

Unlock the full potential of your MATs wellbeing strategy with powerful reporting tools. Our platform delivers instant results at various levels - from whole MAT overviews to individual student data - helping you track progress and measure the impact of your wellbeing initiatives.

A RAG-rated wellbeing report from a school showing the data by year and key demographics
Focus on HR and staff wellbeing

Use surveys specifically designed to measure staff wellbeing, enabling MATs to understand and prioritise the challenges faced by their team. By putting staff wellbeing at the forefront, MATs can cultivate a motivated and engaged workforce, leading to improved teaching quality and staff retention.

Join leading MATs

BounceTogether is trusted by leading Multi-Academy Trusts that prioritise staff and pupil wellbeing. By choosing BounceTogether, your MAT joins a growing community of like-minded institutions committed to creating positive and thriving school communities.

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But don't take our word for it! Read how our schools are using BounceTogether to drive improvements across the curriculum.

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"We used to have to spend hours pulling off, sorting, and manipulating data into easy-to-read and user-friendly charts and tables. Bounce Together does this for us, meaning that we can spend our time addressing key findings, putting our leaders and HR resources into really getting to grips with what staff are saying, and proactively working on our people strategy."

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"As a Trust with 20 schools, 600 staff and a small central HR team, we needed to find a survey platform that was confidential, easy to use and provided us with comprehensive reporting. BounceTogether does exactly that!"

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Tracking wellbeing with ease

Move one step closer to implementing an efficient monitoring and tracking system that enables you to embed healthy wellbeing practices across your whole school and drive improvements.
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