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Our intelligent and automated alert system, designed to support early intervention and help you address wellbeing challenges within your school community.
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Swift identification of those in need

Identifying students in need of support is effortless. Our system quickly highlight those who may be experiencing emotional or mental health challenges.

Immediate and Relevant Notifications

When a Bounce Alert is triggered, you'll receive an immediate notification. Whether it's a significant drop in wellbeing scores or concerning responses to specific questions, we ensure you're aware without delay.
Mockup of the BounceTogether results portal showing a individual pupil report and Bounce alerting a school to their results to support their safeguarding strategy.

Personalised Insights for Targeted Support

We provide personalised insights into the specific areas in which a student may be struggling. By pinpointing the subdomains or themes causing concern, you can tailor support strategies to address each pupil's unique needs effectively.

Streamlined Communication with Stakeholders

Bounce Alerts facilitate seamless communication with relevant stakeholders, such as parents, counselors, or support teams. Share real-time data and insights to foster collaboration in creating the most comprehensive support plan for each student.
A comparison report of wellbeing results.

Integrate wellbeing and safeguarding data

Bounce Alerts integrates seamlessly with some of the largest safeguarding systems to enhance safeguarding practices and bring objective, uninfluenced pupil voice into the forefront.

Bounce Alerts is designed to empower teachers to intervene early and prevent issues from escalating, giving every child a voice, even those who may internalise their emotions. By promptly triggering alerts for significant drops in wellbeing scores or concerning responses to specific questions, teachers can ensure timely and targeted interventions

Bob Wilkinson
Managing Director

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