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Centralised Tracking

Simplify trust-wide wellbeing tracking by assigning surveys centrally, ensuring consistency and efficiency across all schools. Gain a full understanding of pupil, staff, and parent wellbeing with access to validated surveys covering 12 key categories.

Real-Time Alerts

Enable schools to respond swiftly to student needs with real-time alerts, notifying them of concerning responses and score changes. Integrate unfiltered pupil voice into safeguarding logs, ensuring each school has comprehensive data for effective intervention and support strategies.
Mockup of the BounceTogether results portal showing a individual pupil report and Bounce alerting a school to their results to support their safeguarding strategy.

Instant Insights

Gain immediate clarity with intuitive RAG ratings, allowing you to swiftly identify areas of strength and concern. Make informed decisions promptly, driving proactive actions to support wellbeing across your schools.
A comparison report of wellbeing results.
A RAG-rated wellbeing report from a school showing the data by year and key demographics

Customisable Reporting

Customise reports to align with your trust’s needs and objectives. Analyse data by region, school type, school, or demographics, empowering you with targeted insights to drive impactful initiatives.

With the upcoming launch of the BounceTogether MAT Dashboard, we're thrilled to introduce a powerful tool that will revolutionise how trusts monitor and support staff and student mental health. From streamlined data collection to real-time alerts, our dashboard will provide comprehensive insights, enabling trusts to make informed decisions and take proactive steps towards creating healthier, more supportive learning environments.

Bob Wilkinson
Managing Director

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