A Resilience-based PSHE Curriculum for Secondary Schools

The skills young people need to thrive
As surveys show, emotional health in children is worsening, and their behavioural problems are increasing.
More and more we worry about the mental health of our children. These are problems that schools can influence. That schools do influence! Schools make almost as much difference to the emotional health and behaviour of their students as to their academic achievement.
Teaching wellbeing, might be easier than it seems.
While young people’s life skills are strongly influenced by the ethos of the school, there also needs to be at least one hour a week of dedicated and specific teaching of life skills. In order to do this well, teachers need to be trained in a fully professional way.


Healthy Minds Bounce Forward
As featured on the BBC

The largest study of its kind

The Healthy Minds research project was directed by Bounce Forward, run in partnership with the London School of Economics and funded by the Education Endowment Foundation. It is the largest ever study of its kind, showing the impact of good quality teaching and learning on important outcomes.

34 schools

to create the evidence-based program


Students taught

4 years

of research
Bounce Forward has worked with teachers and experts to turn Healthy Minds into a practical solution

A 5-year scheme covering

emotional resilience
mental health
social media
career hope
human connection

Including 62 unique lessons!

All lessons are provided with


Detailed teaching and learning resources


Written support for teachers


Dedicated teacher training
By implementing Healthy Minds in your school, you take steps to achieve the Healthy Minds for your school.
Awarded by Lord Richard Layard
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As seen on the BBC

Watch a video explaining how it works.
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Includes an entire YEAR of BounceTogether

Capture vital data to help you evidence the impact in your school

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BounceTogether will help you quantitively assess the powerful impact of Healthy Minds.
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It will give you quick access to reports on wellbeing so you can be more informed of how to support your whole-school community.
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This platform will save you hours of time and enables you to put your focus on improving wellbeing and driving better outcomes.
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It will help you evidence your commitment to mental health and wellbeing in school and help you create a basis for your strategy.

Find out how BounceTogether can help you measure the impact of Healthy Minds by downloading our timeline

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Watch this short video to find out more about Healthy Minds!

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Healthy Minds summary
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