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Ensure no one falls under the radar

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Intelligent, automated alerts on wellbeing data
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We analyse all responses in real-time
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Intervene early and prevent issues from escalating
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Swift identification of those in need

Identifying students in need of support is effortless. Our system quickly highlight those who may be experiencing emotional or mental health challenges.

Immediate and Relevant Notifications

When a Bounce Alert is triggered, you'll receive an immediate notification. Whether it's a significant drop in wellbeing scores or concerning responses to specific questions, we ensure you're aware without delay.
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Personalised Insights for Targeted Support

We provide personalised insights into the specific areas in which a student may be struggling. By pinpointing the subdomains or themes causing concern, you can tailor support strategies to address each pupil's unique needs effectively.

Streamlined Communication with Stakeholders

Bounce Alerts facilitate seamless communication with relevant stakeholders, such as parents, counselors, or support teams. Share real-time data and insights to foster collaboration in creating the most comprehensive support plan for each student.

Integrate wellbeing and safeguarding data

Bounce Alerts integrates seamlessly with some of the largest safeguarding systems to enhance safeguarding practices and bring objective, uninfluenced pupil voice into the forefront.

Trusted by hundreds of schools

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Read how our schools are using BounceTogether to drive improvements across the curriculum.

Saving time and money

Reporting detail

Ensuring no pupils fall under
the radar

Evidencing impact to Governors, SLT, and Ofsted


If you are not happy, you can't learn! BounceTogether is pivotal to my pastoral role. I do a lot of one-to-one work and the surveys make this measurable for me.

Head of Pastoral


The results were like 'really', 'oooh', 'need to get in there', 'need to look at this', 'we weren't expecting that'.

Mental Health Lead


Starting to work with BounceTogether marked a breakthrough for our wellbeing strategy! The software gives us so much more than the previous system, allowing us to measure wellbeing quickly, keep insights in one place and save countless hours of time.

Head of Pastoral


BounceTogether makes our lives so much easier! It has allowed teachers to very quickly and easily pick out key findings from surveys with individual children, classes, or groups and action this immediately. We run a safeguarding survey for all children at the start of each year.

Assistant Headteacher


It is worth the cost just to pick up on one child who  has fallen under the radar!



I find the surveys really helpful. They just let me get my feelings off my shoulders. If you have trouble at home and keep it inside of you, it stops you from learning.

KS2 Pupil


The beauty of the surveys is that you are capturing those children who internalise. They are your future self-harmers, future bulimic, or anorexic. We are picking them up and giving them a voice to tell their story. You pick every single one up.

Mental Health Lead


With BounceTogether, staff working with children on a 1-to-1 basis can easily evidence the success and impact of their work. Insights that demonstrate how areas of concern have turned from red to green following interventions are invaluable.

Learning Mentor

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You are one step closer to putting the mental health and wellbeing needs of your school community first.

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