Measure reading attitudes and wellbeing in your school

We've partnered with the School Library Association to create a fantastic service helping schools develop your reading and wellbeing strategy.
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Wellbeing through Reading

Use Wellbeing through Reading on the BounceTogether survey platform to gain a real understanding of each child's attitude to reading and start to see improvements in their reading in and out of school.

Attitudes to Reading

Gain a real understanding of each pupil's attitude to reading and start to see improvements in their reading in and out of school, using a reading attitudes survey created by the School Library Association and the National Literacy Trust.
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Reading and Wellbeing

Enables your school to capture data on both reading attitudes and wellbeing using questionnaires that are underpinned by validated research
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Validated Measures

Wellbeing through Reading comes equipped with pupil questionnaires that have been designed and researched by the National Literacy Trust and the School Library Association. Select it for use in your school and start collecting the results immediately.

If you want to ask your own questions then you can also build one yourself!
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In Wellbeing through Reading, you can take advantage of the BounceTogether app across your school and can use all of its features.. and there are a lot of features!
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Get all the help and support you need

Wellbeing through Reading comes with a full School Library Association membership, providing you with everything you need to develop your reading strategy and instil the love for reading across your whole school.

Help and advice

Access to an advice line. Once you have the results of the Attitude to Reading survey one of our experts can help you understand what they mean, and suggest activities to help based on your unique context

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Free resources

Exclusive member-only resources such as lesson plans, activity sheets aimed at all ages to promote a continued positive attitude to reading. A large number of book and digital reviews are available to help you develop your knowledge and practice.

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Training and courses

We offer member discounted online, day or weekend courses along with a free mentoring service to help you develop a whole school reading culture, encouraging reading for pleasure, reading across the curriculum and information literacy.

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Children and young people who enjoy reading very much and who think positively about reading have higher mental wellbeing scores than their peers who don’t enjoy reading at all and who hold negative attitudes towards reading
We were able to support and point children who didn’t have a library membership in the right direction and could easily see who to target to develop a love of reading
A deep engagement with storytelling and great literature link directly to emotional development in primary children.
Leisure reading makes students more articulate, develops higher order reasoning, and promotes critical thinking.

Engaging your school

There are so many ways that you can use the features on BounceTogether to engage people within and outside your school. Here are some examples of how other schools are using Wellbeing through Reading to engage their pupils, staff and parents!

Reading and Research

Find out more about the reading culture within your school using the "Reading and Research" questionnaire. A great place to start when developing your reading strategy.
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School Transition

What do next years new intake think about reading?

Get ahead of the game and design your own transition survey to understand more about them in advance.
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Parental Survey

The support that parents give to children at home hugely impacts their education. Use Bounce to find out more about the needs of parents and how they support their children with their reading and writing.
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Be as creative as you like!

You can build your own surveys using Bounce enabling you to create questions around any topic you like. How about feedback on an author visit or world book day?
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