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Never has there been a more pressing time to put wellbeing at the heart of our schools. But how do we do this in the most impactful way whilst ensuring long-term results?

Well Together brings renowned wellbeing experts - survey specialists, BounceTogether; award-winning author and teacher Adrian Bethune from Teachappy; and the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health.

We provide your primary school with everything you need to create, implement, and measure an evidence-informed wellbeing strategy for your setting.

What is WellTogether?


Bounce is a game-changing platform for measuring physical and mental wellbeing and the attitudes of your school's pupils, staff and parents. It provides instant analysis to help you find out what's really happening and monitors your progress in developing a whole school approach to wellbeing.

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Based on Adrian Bethune's award winning book; "Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom", this practical training guides you through the latest evidence and research from the science of happiness and psychology and shows you how to bring it to life in the classroom.

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Mental Health Award

The Carnegie Mental Health Award provides you with an expert coach, easy-to-use framework and peer-support network to help you build an emotionally healthy community for all. At the end of your wellbeing journey with us, you’ll also receive an accreditation from Leeds Beckett University.

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Carnegie centre of education

School Mental Health Award

Carnegie Centre of Education for Mental Health in Schools

Taking a community approach to mental health, this award provides you with a framework to evidence policies and initiatives that work towards improving mental health and wellbeing for both staff and pupils within the wider school community.

Using a developmental framework, schools will evaluate current mental health practices, identify gaps, develop and strengthen these and work towards building an emotionally healthy community for all.

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Come and join the hundreds of other schools who have completed the award
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BounceTogether for your school

The BounceTogether platform will help you easily evidence key areas within the mental health award and provide you with continual analysis of where you can improve as a school.
Helps you understand your starting point and the unique issues that are facing your pupils and staff
Helping to assess the impact of interventions and lets you monitor the progress your school is making over time
Work in partnership with parents and carers to promote emotional health and wellbeing
Save hours of staff time, enabling you to focus on the interventions, not data collection
Using Bounce enables you tangibly measure the impact your new approach and strategy to wellbeing is having on your school!
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In Partnership with Teachappy

Providing you with training and a wellbeing course for children
CPD Training - Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom
Teachappy exist to teach children and teachers the skills of happiness and how to flourish in and out of school. Happy teachers teach better and happy pupils learn better. It’s simple, really.

Based on his award-winning book "Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom", Adrian takes the latest evidence and research from the science of happiness and positive psychology and brings them to life, in this online, learn-at-your-own-pace, course.

Accessible to each and every member of staff in your school (and over 11 hours of content!) this training is designed to stimulate ideas and train all school staff on how to embed wellbeing into their teaching practices, across all areas of your school and the curriculum.
Seeds of Happiness course for children
Learn how to teach positive psychology to children. The Seeds of Happiness is a fun and engaging course, where children learn more about the science of happiness, and how they can positively impact their own (and their friends') levels of happiness and emotional wellbeing by the actions they take.

Each lesson contains ‘missions’ for the children and teacher to carry out, where they take practical steps to improve their wellbeing. This program is designed to give you the material and knowledge you need, in order for you to be able to deliver this course to KS1/2 pupils in your school.
This course comprises of 6 lessons and all the material you need to be able to deliver this to your pupils.
Exclusive Masterclass Sessions with Adrian Bethune
Get access to a full schedule of LIVE webinar and podcast broadcasts throughout the year, where Adrian takes you on a thought-provoking journey exploring areas around happiness and wellbeing.

Look out for special guest appearances from other wellbeing and mental health experts.

Watch this recording of a recent webinar for primary school educators to bring it to life

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