Annotated Pupil Wellbeing Report

Annotated Pupil Wellbeing Report

Understanding the mental health and wellbeing needs of your pupils is key to any whole school or college approach.

BounceTogether provides easy-to-understand wellbeing data that helps teachers better understand, evidence and shape their whole school wellbeing strategy.

This sample report presents one school's findings after running The Stirling Children's Wellbeing Scale in a presentation-ready format that explains how the questions are scored.

The document allows you to see the level of insight provided at the touch of a button by the BounceTogether platform and is a valuable resource if you need to produce wellbeing reports for your school Governors or SLT.  

*Reports can be filtered across different demographics including EAL, SEND, Pupil Premium and FSM enabling you to make data-informed decisions and provide the most effective support for your school community.

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Annotated Pupil Wellbeing Report
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Save time and resources by generating powerful, segmented reports with our digital platform.
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Save time and resources by generating powerful, segmented reports with our digital platform.
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Move one step closer to implementing an efficient monitoring and tracking system that enables you to embed healthy wellbeing practices across your whole school and drive improvements.
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