ANTS vs PETS Lesson Plan

ANTS vs PETS Lesson Plan

Automatic Negative Thoughts (aka ANTs) are thinking traps or stories that we tell ourselves that aren’t necessarily true. Sometimes our brains get into the habit of repeating these distortions over and over, causing a pattern of unhealthy thoughts that can lead to low levels of wellbeing and even depression or anxiety. These harmful thoughts can make us feel even worse while we are already dealing with the stress and uncertainty or difficult periods.

This FREE lesson plan has been created to help pupils understand what automatic thoughts are and how influence our behaviour, identify these, and use their skills to turn them into positive thoughts.

Age Group: 8 to 16

Associated Surveys: Multi-Dimensional Test Anxiety Scale, Children’s Test Anxiety Scale

*This lesson plan can be especially helpful when it comes to equipping pupils with the skills they need to overcome thoughts and worries associated with exams or assessments.

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ANTS vs PETS Lesson Plan
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