Wellbeing Posters For Schools

Wellbeing Posters For Schools

Empower pupils to thrive emotionally and socially. Our carefully designed wellbeing posters provide essential support and encouragement for students of all ages. Each poster is crafted to address key areas of mental and emotional health, promoting a positive and supportive school environment.

Our Collection Includes:

  1. Anxiety Coping Statements: Help students manage anxiety with empowering affirmations and practical strategies to stay calm and focused.
  2. Being A Good Friend: Encourage positive social interactions with tips on kindness, empathy, and respect.
  3. Calming Techniques: Teach students effective methods to find calm in stressful situations, using grounding exercises and mindfulness.
  4. Can and Cannot Control: Empower students to focus on what they can control and let go of what they cannot, fostering resilience and a positive mindset.
  5. Daily Check-In: Promote self-awareness and goal-setting with daily check-in prompts that encourage reflection and gratitude.
  6. Growth Mindset: Inspire a love for learning and perseverance with statements that challenge fixed mindsets and encourage continuous improvement.
  7. How Am I Feeling: Support emotional literacy with posters that help students identify and express their feelings appropriately.
  8. It’s Okay To Feel: Normalise a range of emotions, reassuring students that it’s okay to feel different ways and encouraging healthy expression.
  9. Pupil and Staff Helplines: Provide crucial information on available support services, ensuring that help is always within reach for both students and staff.
  10. Ways to Enhance Wellbeing: Simple, actionable tips across various areas including staying active, connecting with others, giving, and taking notice of the world around them.

Why Download Our Posters?

  • Supportive Learning Environment: Enhance your school’s atmosphere with visuals that promote mental health and wellbeing.
  • Accessible Resources: Easily downloadable and printable posters that can be displayed throughout the school.
  • Engage Students: Use visually appealing and relatable content to engage students in important conversations about their mental health.
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Wellbeing Posters For Schools
Wellbeing Posters For Schools
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Move one step closer to implementing an efficient monitoring and tracking system that enables you to embed healthy wellbeing practices across your whole school and drive improvements.
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