Data to help you. In more ways than imagineable

Measure pupil wellbeing
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A RAG-rated wellbeing report from a school showing the data by year and key demographics
Enhancing staff wellbeing
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Prepare for an inspection
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Reading for Pleasure
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Engaging parents and carers
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Evidence-based surveys and questionnaires

Over 65 measures produced with expertise that you won't find anywhere else. We have the largest repository of surveys around, that are specially selected for schools.
Mockup of the BounceTogether results portal showing the surveys results for classes and school demographics.
A mockup of the BounceTogether platform showing the top and bottom 20% of pupils.A table of wellbeing data in RAG rated format

Ensure no child falls under the radar

Bounce instantly notifies you of those in need of support before problems arise.

Integrate safeguarding and wellbeing data

Build a comprehensive picture of the relationship between safeguarding concerns and pupil wellbeing.
Mockup of the BounceTogether results portal showing a individual pupil report and Bounce alerting a school to their results to support their safeguarding strategy.

Clear, visual reporting in the right format for a school

Use our instant, real-time reporting to demonstrate the impact of your whole school approach to wellbeing. All Ofsted surveys are available on BounceTogether.
A comparison report of wellbeing results.
An example wellbeing report mocked up from the BounceTogether platform showing trends and insights

Identify your top priorities

Identify trends and issues at the earliest opportunity. Struggling with misuse of social media/bullying? Run a targeted survey to collect data and inform your next steps.