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With Adrian Bethune

Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom (CPD Training)

Teachappy exist to teach children and teachers the skills of happiness and how to flourish in and out of school. Happy teachers teach better and happy pupils learn better. It’s simple, really.

Based on his award-winning book "Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom", Adrian takes the latest evidence and research from the science of happiness and positive psychology and brings them to life, in this online, learn-at-your-own-pace, course.

Accessible to each and every member of staff in your school (and over 11 hours of content!) this training is designed to stimulate ideas and train all school staff on how to embed wellbeing into their teaching practices, across all areas of your school and the curriculum.

Included Video Content

In these 1-hour online modules, Adrian will talk you through, what the research shows, makes the biggest difference in schools and give you practical ideas to bring the theory to life in your classroom.

The importance of positive relationships

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  • Why relationships are fundamental to wellbeing and learning
  • How to create 'Tribal classrooms'
  • How safe, trusting relationships aid vulnerable pupils
    Why 'micro-moments' matter


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  • What mindfulness is (and isn’t)
  • What the latest evidence shows
  • Why it’s important to have your own mindfulness practice
    how to guide mindfulness practices

Importance of Physical Activity

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  • How movement impacts the brain and aids learning
  • How physical activity boosts health and wellbeing
  • How to incorporate more movement into the classroom

Staff Wellbeing - Managing Stress

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  • The difference between good stress and chronic stress
  • The effects of chronic stress on our minds and bodies
  • How to spot the signs of stress
  • Practical ways to manage stress

Optimism & rewiring the negativity bias

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  • What the negativity bias is and why we have it
  • How to rewire the negativity bias
  • What realistic optimism is and how it impacts wellbeing
  • How to teach pupils to think more flexibly and optimistically

The Stretch Zones

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  • What neuroplasticity is and how to teach it to children
  • How to get children to leave their comfort zones and embrace challenge
  • What a growth mindset is and how to create a culture of taking risks
  • How to be comfortable with being uncomfortable

The power of kindness

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  • An overview of the science of kindness
  • Why kindness makes us feel good
  • Why kindness does us good (in terms of mental and physical health)
  • How to create a culture of kindness in schools

Based on Adrian's award-winning book

The material from this course relates to chapters throughout Adrian's book "Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom", to help supplement your learning so we've included x5 copies of it in this package.
Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom - book - teachPrimary winner

Meet your instructor

Adrian Bethune is a part-time teacher a primary school in Aylesbury, the Education Policy co-lead at the Mindfulness Initiative and founder of Teachappy. In 2012, he was awarded a ‘Happy Hero’ medal by Lord Richard Layard at the House of Lords for his work on developing wellbeing in schools.

In 2015, he was invited to speak at the Action For Happiness event, Creating A Happier World, on stage with the Dalai Lama. Adrian is author of the award-winning Wellbeing In The Primary Classroom – A Practical Guide To Teaching Happiness (Bloomsbury, 2018) and co-author with Dr Emma Kell of A Little Guide to Teacher Wellbeing and Self-care (Sage, 2020) .

He speaks and trains internationally, and writes regularly for the TES and has contributed to several other books including Global Perspectives in Positive Education (John Catt, 2018), Children and Young People’s Mental Health Today (Pavilion, 2019), and Just Great Teaching (Bloomsbury, 2019).
Hear how Adrian from Teachappy  share his view on why it's time schools prioritised the happiness and wellbeing of children.

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Was £1,590 NOW £795 for your whole school.

Seeds of Happiness Course for Children

Teachappy have produced a fun and engaging course, where children learn more about the science of happiness, and how they can positively impact their own happiness levels by the actions they take.

This program is designed to give you the material and knowledge you need, in order for you to be able to deliver this to KS1/2 pupils in your school.
This course comprises of 7 unique lessons that can be delivered to your pupils.
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Your Elastic Brain
  • Understand what neuroplasticity is and how the brain changes every time you learn something new.
  • Learn how sleep and exercise impact on your ability to learn.
  • Develop your resilience by knowing what to do when we face a setback or we fail.
  • Be introduced to the ‘Stretch Zone’ where we learn to step outside of our comfort zones, embrace challenges andlearn from our mistakes.
Positive Mindsets
  • Learn about our brain’s ‘negativity bias’ and how it helped our ancestors survive but how it can undermine ourhappiness now.
  • Better understand what positive and negative emotions are, why we have them, and how they impact on our lives.
  • Experience more positive emotions through activities that have been proven to help rewire our brains to notice andsavour the positive more.
Positive Relationships
  • Discover more about our ‘social brain’ and how we can learn and feel better when we work as part of a team.
  • Uncover what qualities and values successful teams have and what we can do to work better as a class team
  • Reflect on who we can turn to when we need help or are struggling with something, and start to develop oursupport network.
  • Learn how gratitude for others positively impacts our health and wellbeing.
  • Be introduced to mindfulness, what it is and what it isn't
  • Take part in some simple mindfulness practices
  • Learn how mindfulness affects the brain and positively changes certain parts of it
  • Understand how mindfulness is not just about meditation but how we can pay attention to every aspect of our lives in a new way
  • Learn what kindness is and what conditions help us to be more kind.
  • Understand the link between being mindful and being kind.
  • Study how acts of kindness are contagious and what happy hormones are released when we carry them out.
  • Start to incorporate more small acts of kindness into our day.
The Superhero in You
  • Understand what ‘flow’ is and reflect on when we experience it the most. Take part in activities where weexperience flow so we know what it feels like.
  • Know what character strengths are and how we can achieve our best when we start to use our strengths more inour day-to-day lives.
  • Reflect on our own character strengths and create a comic strip about when we have used our strengths.
Pulling it all Together
  • Share with the group times when we have used our strengths and been at our best.
  • Take part in the ‘science of happiness quiz’, consolidating what we have learned over the whole course in a fun and interactive way.
  • Explore ways that we can use what we have learned to take action and grow our happiness now and in the future.
  • Graduate from the course with your Seeds of Happiness certificate.

Read what other teachers have said about the Seeds of Happiness Course

"This course is the perfect embodiment of positive psychology"
"An excellent toolkit to promote happiness and wellbeing to primary children ....well structured with supporting background evidence course materials and pupil activities"
"I really enjoyed the course and feel I will the content is designed to be very easily transferred into the classroom"
"Very informative, both theoretical and practical"

Providing you with everything that you need

The Seeds of Happiness Course for Children includes a lot more than just 12 hours of video content! This course comes packed with all the material that you need to effectively deliver this course to your pupils.
Lesson Plans

All the lesson plans you need to be able to effective deliver this content to your pupils.

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Sets of activities that relate to each lesson to help your students soak in what they have learned.

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Tested assessments to help validate the learning of your pupils to help you check feedback.

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Was £1,590 NOW £795 for your whole school.

Exclusive Masterclass Sessions with Adrian Bethune

When you purchase the Seeds of Happiness course or CPD training, you get access to a full schedule of webinar and podcast broadcasts throughout the year where Adrian takes you on a thought-provoking journey exploring areas around happiness and wellbeing. Here are some of the topics covered:

Can you teach happiness?

Wellbeing hacks to help you study better

What is happiness and wellbeing and why is it important?

Wellbeing and vulnerable pupils

Supporting parent/carer mental health and wellbeing

Supporting parent/carer mental health and wellbeing

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