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August 8, 2023
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How kind are we?

Kidscape and BounceTogether launch free Kindness Surveys for Anti-Bullying Week

The theme of Anti-Bullying Week this November (15-19) is ‘One Kind Word’. The first step in taking any action to prevent and respond to bullying, is to listen to members of the school community.

That’s why we’re proud to announce our new partnership with bullying-prevention charity, Kidscape, whose vision is for all children to grow up in supportive communities safe from bullying and harm. 

Together we are providing schools with FREE ONLINE SURVEYS to measure experiences of kindness amongst children, school staff and parents and carers. The results from your surveys can then be used as a springboard to design activities for Anti-Bullying Week, to inform future relationships education, and to consider further training or support needs.

Kidscape CEO, Lauren Seager-Smith says:

"We are delighted to work with BounceTogether to help schools measure how people in their community experience kindness. Teaching children about kindness is fundamental to relationships education, but unless we can be sure kindness is a value we share, and is modelled in our daily interactions with one another, it’s hard to make a positive impression on young lives".

BounceTogether Managing Director, Bob Wilkinson says:

"BounceTogether is honoured to be working with Kidscape in their vital work in preventing bullying in the lives of young people. Our digital survey platform has long-provided schools with the tools to measure and monitor all aspects of wellbeing and we are proud to have developed this bespoke survey on the experience of kindness as a free resource for schools in the UK. Our hope is that the data that schools collect from their communities through this survey can be used to form impactful interventions where needed as well as to celebrate the areas in which schools are flourishing."

BounceTogether surveys include immersive technology which supports access for community members with additional needs and/or English as an additional language, as standard.

Our free Kindness Surveys will be available until 19 November. Data collected between now and 15 October will be included in our Kindness Survey Summary Report due to be published in November 2021. 

Find out more about our free Kindness Surveys.

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