Reading and Wellbeing

"Children who engage with reading are three times more likely to have high levels of mental wellbeing than those who do not" - National Literacy Trust, september 2018
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Reading is an extraordinary thing.

We know that young children who enjoy reading independently have opened the door opened to new discoveries and wider interests, to knowledge, creativity, and confidence.

Reading is a critical route to fully engaging with all subjects as well as providing wider opportunities for giving more and getting more from life and work. Here are some familiar benefits to reading...

Reading helps you retain knowledge, training the brain to help with information recall

Reading inspirational books can contribute massively to personal growth and development

Reading broadens vocabulary in a way which lasts

It can make your imagination run wild and put you in a world of your own. Reading helps you relax and escape

Being able to read fluently increases emotional intelligence and empathy, which can reduce stress

Reading helps develop and use critical and analytical thinking skills

The less well-known benefits of reading

Reading has also been proven to be a really powerful tool to help support and maintain positive wellbeing. Our Research Partners the National Literacy Trust have studied this topic in more depth.

National Literacy Trust Research

Predictors of mental-wellbeing

During extensive research undertaken by the National Literacy Trust In 2018, they found that “reading attitudes" were the strongest predictors of mental wellbeing. So, the more positive children and young people feel about reading and writing, and the more they enjoy reading and writing, the higher their scores on our mental wellbeing index.

Literacy Engagement

Children who are the least engaged with literacy are twice as likely to have low levels of mental wellbeing than their peers who are the most engaged (37.4% vs 15%)

Primary vs Secondary

As children transition from primary to secondary school, their levels of literacy engagement and mental wellbeing both begin and continue to decline.

Our Solution... Wellbeing through Reading.

In response to attitudes towards reading influencing a childs wellbeing, we have teamed up with the School Library Association and the National Literacy Trust to create

Wellbeing through Reading.


reading attitudes and habits

This package will allow schools to capture data on both attitudes to reading that has been developed by the School Library Association, and wellbeing, via questionnaires that are underpinned by validated research

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rapid, data-capture platform

The BounceTogether platform will allow schools to measure and dissect this information at school, year and class level, as well by key demographics. Better yet, your included SLA membership can help suggest activities based on these results

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wider research and national reporting

The National Literacy Trust will use anonymised data for research to further understand the relationship between reading and wellbeing so we can understand the wider impact on children and young people

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More about Wellbeing through Reading

This innovative product comes equipped with a School Library Association membership, bringing you a range of benefits to help ensure every child can progress on their reading journey

Help and advice

Access to an advice line. Once you have the results of the Attitude to Reading survey one of our experts can help you understand what they mean, and suggest activities to help based on your unique context

Free resources

Exclusive member-only resources such as lesson plans, activity sheets aimed at all ages to promote a continued positive attitude to reading. A large number of book and digital reviews are available to help you develop your knowledge and practice.

Training and courses

We offer member discounted online, day or weekend courses along with a free mentoring service to help you develop a whole school reading culture, encouraging reading for pleasure, reading across the curriculum and information literacy.

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