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Join thousands of schools regularly running the Ofsted surveys to prepare for inspections and improve the support available to pupils.

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Why are schools running these surveys?

Whether you are expecting an inspection or not, these surveys can provide relevant, real-time data to support your work in school!

"I feel safe when I am at school"
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Easily demonstrate great work!

Results can help you to demonstrate what you are doing in school, why you are doing it, and its impact over time. This places you, Governors, and SLT in control during conversations with inspectors

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"My child has been bullied and the school dealt with the bullying quickly and effectively"

Measure key wellbeing categories!

Whether you are expecting an inspection or not, these surveys provide powerful insight into wellbeing across key categories: connectedness, relationships, bullying, safeguarding, attitude to learning, physical health, behaviour, aspirations, and much more!

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"I feel safe when I am at school"
How much do you agree/disagree?

Tailor your school strategy

Quickly highlight school-based priorities, trends, and areas for improvement at whole-school, year-group, cohort, and individual level. Use this data to create an action plan specific to the needs of your setting

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Let us run these surveys for you!

Our team can save you a huge amount of time by running the staff, pupil, and parent voice surveys for your whole school.

We provide your school with a comprehensive report
that gives you clarity and confidence to make decisions that drive improvement across all aspects of school life.

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What are our schools saying?

Recommended by 98% of customers

With the data, I could confidently talk about what we were doing in school, why we were doing it, and evidence its impact. It put me, our Governors, and SLT in control.

With BounceTogether, staff working with children on a 1-to-1 basis can easily evidence the success and impact of their work. Insights that demonstrate how areas of concern have turned from red to green following interventions can also act as encouragement for staff to keep going in the face of challenging days.

At many points during the award application process, we used our Bounce survey data to evidence the impact we were having in terms of developing staff and pupil wellbeing. We were delighted to be awarded a Gold Mental Health Award and Bounce played a big part in helping us achieve that.

The holistic approach to wellbeing and how the tracking of it can support school development. The fact that Ofsted may ask about your emotional curriculum and do a deep dive, makes this data is so valuable’

Looking for further guidance?

We have worked with our schools to produce a guide containing resources and ideas to support you in preparing for an inspection and “deep dive” into SEMH provision.
The new Ofsted framework
What to expect
What is a 'deep dive'?
What questions are being asked?
What evidence can be used to support you?
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Tracking wellbeing with ease

Move one step closer to implementing an efficient monitoring and tracking system that enables you to embed healthy wellbeing practices across your whole school and drive improvements.
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Our most popular resources

The 8 Principles of a whole school approach

This document contains guidance to help you understand how BounceTogether can support your school in achieving the learning outcomes aligned to the Department for Education's 8 principles of a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing.

The Student Subjective Wellbeing Questionnaire

This 16-item scale measures the subjective wellbeing of pupils in the school environment. It includes 4 key areas of school life; school connectedness and belonging, academic efficacy, joy of learning, and educational purpose.

Sample Annotated Wellbeing Report

This document presents one school's findings from the survey in a presentation-ready report format and explores how the questions are scored. It may be valuable if you need to produce reports for your school Governors or SLT.