Physical Self-Perception Profile Revised (PSPP-R)

Perceptions of Self
Physical Self-Perception Profile Revised (PSPP-R)

Physical self-concept is considered to be an important psychological outcome, and factors associated with the self regulation of physical activity such as attitudes and intention Importantly, physical self-concept is viewed as an important contributor to perceptions of self-worth in multidimensional, hierarchical models of self-esteem The physical self is defined as an individual’s perception of himself or herself in aspects of physical domains such as strength, endurance, sport ability, and physical appearance

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Sports Competence
Physical Conditioning
Body Attractiveness
Physical Strength

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Martin S. Hagger; Magnus Lindwall; F. Hülya Aşçı

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Core (Secondary)
Pro (Secondary)

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Physical Self-Perception Profile Revised (PSPP-R)

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