Multi-dimensional Test Anxiety Scale (MTAS)

Stress and Anxiety
Multi-dimensional Test Anxiety Scale (MTAS)

The Multidimensional Test Anxiety Scale (MTAS) was developed as instrument for measuring test, or examination anxiety (henceforth referred to as test anxiety), in populations of secondary school students aged 11 to 19 years. The 16 items correspond to two cognitive subscales and two affective-physiological subscales.

The MTAS consists of 16 items that ask how students generally feel before, during, or after, tests or examinations. These items are intended to measure relatively stable individual differences in the tendency for students to appraise tests and examinations as a threat and become anxious. A highly test anxious student will show a greater tendency to appraise tests and test-like situations (those situations where one’s performance will be assessed in some way) as threatening and respond with greater anxiety.

The two cognitive subscales are Worry over Failure and Perceived Cognitive Interference (i.e. one’s perception of how anxiety interferes with the cognitive processes required in tests such as memory and concentration). The two affective-physiological subscales are Feelings of Tension and Perceived Physiological Indicators of Anxiety.

Age Range



Worry over Failure
Perceived Cognitive Interference
Feelings of Tension
Perceived Physiological Indicators of Anxiety

Researcher(s) or Author(s)

David Putwain and Nathaniel Von der Embse

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Pro (Secondary)

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Multi-dimensional Test Anxiety Scale (MTAS)

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