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Although there are many definitions, when we refer to “wellbeing”, we like to think of it as how we are functioning on the whole, consisting of our mental and physical health. When we refer about mental wellbeing, we are generally referring to our happiness and feelings concerning our emotions.

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This questionnaire has been designed in partnership with Governors for Schools to help you gain more understanding about parental/carer views towards a school's wellbeing and mental health environment, policies and culture.


The Stirling Children's Wellbeing Scale (SCWBS) was initiated by the Stirling Educational Psychology Service with the objective of creating a holistic, positively worded scale measuring emotional and psychological wellbeing in children aged 8 to 15 years. This scale should provide a useful tool for education professionals to assess any changes in wellbeing from a mental wellbeing perspective.


The WEMWBS is a positively worded scale for the measurement of mental wellbeing. The scale has been widely used nationally and internationally for monitoring, evaluating projects and programmes and investigating the determinants of mental wellbeing. In some cases the WEMBS is free to download/use but you must first register for copyright purposes.


The What Works Centre for Wellbeing has developed this suggested set of questions in collaboration with The Department for Work and Pensions to give a quick snapshot of how people are doing with respect to different aspects of wellbeing. So that you can support the wellbeing of your workforce, we recommend that you regularly ask your staff how they are doing using these questions.

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